The name AngryBeth is associated with my avatar, a character interface within the Second Life™ World. She's lived in this virtual world since July 2005. Being Angry doesn't mean shes a temperamental spirit, just disillusioned with the state of stagnation she saw around her. Thankfully she uses her 'anger' proactively to foster and develop idea. A radical, trying to push the envelope of new media and education thought in her small corner of the world, developing projects that cross the divide of real and virtual.

As AngryBeth develops in this virtual world, I am constantly reassessing the role she plays in my life. Is it simply a sophisticated point of reference and communication within a 3D online space, or is it an alter-ego developing a personality and direction counter to my real life experience. This embodiment within a virtual space can be both fascinating and worrying.

Am I an artist or am I role-playing one?

my (or Angry's) projects in Second Life

Links to AngryBeth's online material....

AngryBeth's Blog - Tripping the Metaverse

Angry's BlipTV - machinima / video from Second Life


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